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linkage1951: We're here at NetRoots Nation 13 in San Jose, and it's my opportunity or my pleasure to interview one of the recipients of the Community Quilt. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a  little bit about your quilt?

shanikka: Hi. My name on Daily Kos is shanikka. I am a front-pager at DKos. My real name's Rene. I have the unique privilege of being the recipient of the hundredth quilt that has been made at the Community Quilt Project. In terms of myself, there's not a whole lot to tell.

Transcript of ramara's Testimonial

linkage: Rachel, thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your quilt.

ramara: Oh, I'm glad to do it.

linkage: And are you enjoying your stay at NetRoots?

Transcript of remembrance's Testimonial

linkage1951: Thank you for coming to Net Roots Nation with your quilt.

remembrance: You're very welcome.

linkage1951: And for the viewers, could you tell us your name?

Transcript of Dave in Northridge's Testimonial

linkage: It's so wonderful to have you here at NetRoots Nation, sharing your story of the quilt. Can you identify yourself for us?

Dave in Northridge: Yes, I'm Dave in Northridge. My partner and husband Jim died suddenly on December 5th, and I wrote my first notice of that: "Widower after 41 years. What now?" Between when the police left and the mortuary came, and yes, I was perfectly happy to have the community to share this with immediately because...just because.

linkage: Dave, what does this quilt mean to you?