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IMG_2314By Sara R. from Daily Kos

One of the quilts I'll be donating to the DK VA Hospital Support Project.  I haven't decided on the second one yet -- maybe it will be a log cabin.

Hi everyone.  This diary is to check in with everyone who is making a quilt or quilts for the DK VA Hospital Support Project -- and to explain other parts of the project, as well.

Our goal is to have 65 quilts, wheelchair size (36" x 60") or lap throws, to donate to the the Detroit VA Hospital for their nursing home.  Delivery day is July 16 so figure having them shipped to our Michigan depository by the end of June.

Sixty-five teddy bears are being given by joanbrooker to go with the quilts and sixty-five cards are being hand made by state of confusion to accompany the gift.  But that's not all! Limelight is leading the Readers and Book Lovers group in an effort to collect paperback books and DVDs for the hospital's library.  Expect to see news on this later.  If there is anything on your shelves you would like to donate to this cause, that would be great!

Broths and winifred3 are leading the effort to collect hand knitted or crocheted hats and scarves for the veterans.  Please contact one or both of them if you would like to contribute to this effort. We would also like to have a drive for phone cards for the vets and possibly have a t-shirt designed for them.  But more on this later...

There is now a Facebook page for this project and everyone is welcome to join.


Quilt top by BeadLady (1 of 3)

Quilt top by BeadLady (2 of 3)

Quilt top by BeadLady (3 of 3)

Here's the list of people who have pledged quilts so far.  Please let me know if I have the correct numbers for you or if you would like to be added to the list.

Sara R: 2 quilts
winglion: 2 quilts
Beadlady: 3 quilts
Pam from Calif: 1 quilt
Winifred3: 2 quilts
Ninepatch: 2 quilts
SilverWillow: 4 quilts
leu2500: 1 quilt
FloridaSNMOM: 1 quilt
madmommy: 1 quilt
Bridget: 1 quilt
NEPatriot: 1 quilt
Wood Dragon: 2 quilts
jlms qkw: 1 quilt
politik: 1 quilt
Elizaveta: 1 quilt
vtgal: 3 quilts
ERRN: 2 quilts

RUNNING TOTAL: 31 quilts, only 34 to go!

The designs can be very simple.  The quilts can be tied rather than quilted, also.  If you have orphan blocks, this would be a really good way to use them.  Or if you have unfinished tops you would like to see go to a good cause, we would love for you to finish them for this!  These are the only rules:

No references to politics or religion in your work-- the VA vigorously protects its patients from any kind of proselytization.

Pre-wash your fabric to make sure it won't bleed.  If you want to go the extra mile, use a mordant like Retayne to set any loose dye.

Use polyester batting if possible so your quilt won't shrink in the hospital laundry.


Originally posted to DK Quilt Guild on Sun Feb 23, 2014 at 04:00 PM PST.

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