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IMG_2314By Sara R. from Daily Kos

One of the quilts I'll be donating to the DK VA Hospital Support Project.  I haven't decided on the second one yet -- maybe it will be a log cabin.

Hi everyone.  This diary is to check in with everyone who is making a quilt or quilts for the DK VA Hospital Support Project -- and to explain other parts of the project, as well.

By winifred3 for What Are You Working On?  From Daily Kos

As some of you may know, Netroots Nation is being held in Detroit July 17 to July 20.  There is a group set up, the DK VA Hospital Service Project.  I am co-chair, along with Broths, to provide hand made scarves and hats for the vets.  Sara R is chairing the committee overseeing the quilt project.  She wants to have handmade quilts for all the vets residing at the nursing home part of the VA hospital.  Follow me below the orange squiggle for more on this.

By winifred3 for What Are You Working On?  From Daily Kos

While I am co-chair of the VA Hospital scarves and hats project, where we now have commitments for 64 hats and scarves, I am just a helper bee for the VA Hospital Nursing Home Quilts Project. Truthfully in general I'm a worker bee.


By Sara R. from Daily Kos

My sister, Ann, delivering quilts to the Palo Alto VA Hospital prior to NN13

The DK Quilt Guild did something special last year.  We made 47 wheelchair and lap quilts and delivered them to the VA Hospital in Palo Alto for the patients in the Spinal Cord Injury Unit.  But that wasn't all!  We also delivered a small army of teddy bears, donated by the DK community: