alliedoc (endometrial cancer, RIP)

Our community was stunned when we learned that alliedoc has suffered a recurrence of cancer.  


AntKat (cancers of the throat, RIP)

I am very sorry to tell you that our friend, AntKat, has cancer and is entering palliative chemo treatment for it.  


Bustergirl (ovarian cancer, RIP)

Bustergirl, rescuer of pooties, lover of gardens, dear, dear friend of our Ebby, has ovarian cancer.  


CelticLassie (cancer, RIP)

It breaks my heart that this quilt is needed -- yet it is needed, urgently.

Dr. William F. Harrison

Dr. William F. Harrison (leukemia, RIP)

Dr. William Harrison is closing his women's clinic due to his own serious illness.  This is an urgent quilt request.


exmearden (cancer of heart and lung, RIP)

First of all, let me give a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who read and commented in last week's tribute diary for our own exmearden, who is fighting cancer (cardiac angiosarcoma - cancer of her heart) now.  


grndrush (brain tumor, RIP)

Kossack  grndrush was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He has had surgery but the prognosis is not rosy.  

Jeanne, wife of RubDMC

Jeanne, wife of RubDMC (Alzheimer’s, RIP)

RubDMC’s wife, Jeanne, is in an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s — and he wants her to have a community quilt with loving words on it. 


Joanna (cancer, RIP)

Community Quilt For Joanna


Juan (cancer, RIP)

J and newpioneer moved to Puerto Rico to pursue a dream – running a restaurant.  The economic downturn killed their dream and the restaurant closed.  


MaureenMower is a widow of a man who had a lot of medical problems.  Now that he is gone, her circumstances are greatly reduced. 

mimi's niece

mimi's niece (cancer, RIP)

This is a diary about thanking Sara and all of you, dealing with my niece's illness, some musing about "Talking Art" at dailykos, and introducing my niece to you.


nudger (ovarian cancer, RIP)

Nudger has Stage IV ovarian cancer.  She is still in the hospital, being treated.