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crystal eyes

Our friend, crystal eyes, has cancer, a tumor in his brain.  He has been writing about it on his own blog and has written about it on Daily Kos.  

By Sara R  
Thursday Apr 13, 2017

On this quilt, there are 200 messages of love and support for the congregation of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, the church where, in June of 2015 there was a horrific, racially motivated massacre. 

By Sara R
Monday May 15, 2017

As readers of the Monday Night Cancer Club diaries will know, our friend, outragedinsf, has prostate cancer.  It is not an uncommon cancer among men and, fortunately, the prognosis is better than with a lot of cancers. 

Bill in Portland Maine (colon cancer)

I know I am not alone in my shock.  I just learned Bill in Portland Maine has been in the hospital for several days.  He had an exploratory surgery last week because of persistent abdominal pain that he has been suffering for a long time now.