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 MsSpentyouth (brain tumor)

It is exmearden’s kind desire that the remaining funds be used to create a quilt for MsSpentYouth who is bravely dealing with a brain tumor and insurance issues.

othniel (cellulitis and ensuing complications, RIP)

A Community Quilt for Othniel -  Our friend othniel had surgery tomorrow (Thursday) to have a very deep abscess in his leg drained.  He has been in a lot of pain and has felt understandable anxiety about the whole ordeal.  

exmearden (cancer of heart and lung, RIP)

First of all, let me give a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who read and commented in last week's tribute diary for our own exmearden, who is fighting cancer (cardiac angiosarcoma - cancer of her heart) now.  

michelewin (grief and trauma)

Our friend, michelewin, has had a number of traumatic shocks in her life in recent years, shocks that she hasn't had a lot of time to recover from before the next one delivers a heavy blow.