Quilt Recipients


 MsSpentyouth (brain tumor)

It is exmearden’s kind desire that the remaining funds be used to create a quilt for MsSpentYouth who is bravely dealing with a brain tumor and insurance issues.

I Community Quilt For MsSpentyoutham thrilled, honored, and so, so pleased to do this for MsSpentYouth.

If you have a brief message for MsSpentYouth to hold to her heart in this quilt, would you please write it in a comment below.  I will inscribe it on muslin in archival ink and heat set it for permanence.  Your love will not ever wash out of this blanket – and MsSpentYouth can hold all of your collected sentiments close.  I know these kind thoughts in a blanket will be an enormous support to her.

Thank you so much.  I look forward to working with your messages and thank you all for the opportunity to do this for MsSpentYouth – with especial thanks to exmearden and Dem in the heart of Texas.

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