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exmearden (cancer of heart and lung, RIP)

First of all, let me give a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who read and commented in last week's tribute diary for our own exmearden, who is fighting cancer (cardiac angiosarcoma - cancer of her heart) now.  

First, a quick update: I've been in touch with exme since her inpatient 5-day chemo, and she's feeling good!  Her kids got her place ready for her return, her remaining woozles are being cared for, and she's got a good appetite.  No hair loss yet. Exme reports that over $200 in donations went to the Oregon Humane Society, and that her beloved dogs were adopted in short order.

Best of all (for my purposes), her computer is down for a few days, so I'll be able to delete this diary before she gets a chance to see it and ruin her surprise!

The surprise is this: Rain is a member of Street Prophets (the Daily Kos spiritual community) and is a quilter.  She has handcrafted quilts for the Netroots Nation fundraiser, and she has made comfort quilts for people in need.  The most recent one of these was for fellow street prophet othniel, and it has been greatly appreciated.  
Rain saw the TGR tribute diary last week, and was moved greatly by the comments and outpouring of love and healing wishes for exme.  She immediately began a project for exme, capturing the supportive comments to make a quilt of love under which exme can heal.  The final quilt will hold 179 messages, and she's almost done with the transcription part of the job.

Here is some of the work in progress:

What Rain needs to finish exme's quilt is simple... nine more messages of support for exme, and some underwriting.  Between the fabric and the hours involved in this process, a quilt of this type costs about $350 to $400 for her to make.   I'm throwing in the first $50, and I hope you will join me.  

If you haven't left a comment for exme, please include one in the comments - keep them uplifting and brief!  The first nine will be added to the ones from last week, and will go into the final product.

Now, please head on over to The Grieving Room, and show mollyk some love.

y'all are the best!

UPDATE, 9:30 PM Central:  "Rain" on Street Prophets is Sara R here, and she's commented downthread...

I am so pleased that you all like the quilt idea.  I can't explain the "magic" except to say when the love and caring is focused in a quilt, it is a very powerful thing.  I hope that exmearden will find deep, deep support in the outpouring of affection in it -- I think she will because it is deeply affecting me, as well.

It is an honor to do this.

UPDATE, 10:45 Central:  I have to hit the hay.  I think that Rain/Sara has what she needs as far as supportive comments to finish those last patches.  Donations are still welcome.  If you want to check back, as soon as I have a tally, I'll update this again with that information.  As I said, anything above the cost of the quilt will be given directly to exme for whatever she needs.

I am deeply touched by the warm loving-kindness of this community.  I have decided that I will NOT delete this diary, because exme needs to have a chance to savor these comments.  However, I'll remove some of the content of the diary so as to keep some semblance of surprise.   I will also make sure there is a diary featuring the finished product... and it is my hope that exme will write that one!  (no promises, though).

Good night, you beautiful people!

UPDATE III, 8 PM Central, Tuesday:  well, that sneaky exme got online last night!  She wrote me:

I saw the diary last night and, again, I'm overwhelmed.  Simply stunned.

She will be writing a diary soon, so keep your eyes open.

She says she would prefer any extra donations go towards a similar effort for the next deserving Kossack in need of a boost.  I agree, and I nominate MsSpentyouth.  Thoughts?

Thanks again, everyone.  I hope to have the donation total so far soon, and will post it when I do.


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