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othniel (cellulitis and ensuing complications, RIP)

A Community Quilt for Othniel -  Our friend othniel had surgery tomorrow (Thursday) to have a very deep abscess in his leg drained.  He has been in a lot of pain and has felt understandable anxiety about the whole ordeal.  

Community Quilt for OthnielIt is a serious problem that he is dealing with and I know his is trying to keep his heart as light and brave as possible.  It would be a very good thing if we sent him some support.  So yesterday, I started a project through Street Prophets.

I propose to make something for him – as quickly as I can – to remind him of our esteem and love for him while he heals.  I am envisioning a simple, tied, lap quilt made from cheerful novelty fabrics interspersed with messages from us.  Think of it as a giant get well card that will blanket him with good feeling. 

We don’t have time to mail around patches for signing but if you would like to send a short message to othniel with your name (to fit in a 4.5 inch block), I will write it for you.  We can have up to 65 messages (or fewer) -- and thirty something are remaining.  So…if you would like to do this, write in a comment below what you would like to say to him.  


 Sara, it was such a surprise and an honor to have been the first in a long line of persons to whom you and Ann have ministered with your quilts. When you also did one for Austex54 as my caretaker we were overwhelmed. Both are still with us in our new home here in the Ozarks - save for journeys which still occur to the hospital, which I won't enter without mine.

May Love, Honor and Respect always be there for you and Ann. Othniel and Austex54


I am very sad to report that Robert Andrews (Othniel) passed away today.  His partner Barry Mitchell posted this message this evening on Facebook:

I am beyond words to have to report that Robert passed away this morning rather suddenly due to complications from an apparent viral infection. I have delayed this post today trying to reach critical family members. Visitation is set at 6-8pm Monday Sept 17, 2012 at Bryan Funeral Home in Hoxie AR. Services will be at St Mark's Episcopal Church on Tuesday morning at 10am. Burial will be in Oak Forest Cemetery in Black Rock, AR next to his beloved Grandma Ruth. I have always been in awe of Robert's ability to touch the lives of others including my own in unique ways.

Robert was one of the very first "real life" friends I met via Daily Kos. He was very involved in the Democracy for America conference in Austin several years ago, and was a full-time volunteer when Austin hosted a large number of Katrina refugees.  He had a deep faith and a strong passion for justice.  He has been ill for several years (and was the recipient of a community quilt), but he and Barry had been happy in their new home in the country in Arkansas the past couple of years.

Robert was a kind and gentle soul.  May he rest in peace.  Here is a link to his obituary.

Community Quilt for Othniel
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