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Our beloved friend, Dixiecollie, is in treatment for cancer.  She is starting a chemo drug regime that will likely last for over a year.  Dixiecollie will be taking a very toxic drug, three weeks on, one week to rest from it, possibly for as long as fifteen months.  It will be very harsh and she is likely to feel many shades of lousy but it is what she needs to do to be well.

Community Quilt for Dixiecollie

Let’s help her get through this necessary treatment with messages of love and support she can wrap up in.  Let’s make her a community quilt to remind her of the deep respect, love and gratitude her friends here feel for her.  It is good medicine and a keepsake, all in one. Her quilt will be our 164th.

What is a community quilt?  It is a quilt containing messages from you, transcribed by me in archival ink onto muslin.  My sister and I incorporate these messages into a colorful design, tailor made for the recipient.  Each quilt is unique and very personal.  They also have a strong vibe from all the words of love and respect.  Words have great power!  Believe me, they really do!  Leave a message in the comments below and I will {{{{hug}}}} you to let you know I have it noted.


It takes lots of time and material to make a community quilt and it is a living for me and my sister. If you would like to contribute toward the cost of this quilt,  here is a PayPal link — or message me for an address should you prefer a check.  $20/message is suggested by no worries if you cannot afford to donate.  We still want your message!  This is a crowdfunded thing and some always give more to cover messages for those who are short on funds.

Please note, if you leave a message in PayPal or somewhere other than the comments below, please Kos Mail me to make sure I pick it up.

Click here for a list of community quilts - there have been 163 to date.


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peregrine kate


Freelance Escapologist community quilt
Freelance Escapologist family quilt

List of Message givers (we need 44):

1. KentState 1980

2. twingrace

3. Ojibwa

4. maggiejean

5. jtg

6. elenacarlena

7. Ekaterin

8. Lorikeet

9. BMScott

10. Elizabeth NYC

11. Bill in Portland Maine and Common Sense Mainer

12. LuvMyKitty

13. Arel1

14. RunawayRose

15. scyellowdogdem

16. Mvgal92691

17. The Marti

18. WYgalinCali

19. Observerinvancouver

20. karij

21. njm5000

22. purple cones

23. OptimizerDad

24. jwinIL14

elenacarlena’s community quilt
Detail of elenacarlena’s quilt


Boots says, “Thank you for supporting community quilts!”


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