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If human lives are looked at as storylines, many of them adventures with multiple hardships to overcome, then Freelance Escapologist and his wife, Kim, are true heroes. 

They are facing the many-headed hydra of Kim’s cancer, the very challenging (financially and physically) treatment for that cancer, moving house (quite literally!) all while caring for an autistic child.  Truly, there has been a lot going on.  Kim’s cancer and its treatment have adversely affected multiple organs (her heart, a kidney and her brain, and her general immunity to diseases).  But the woman is a fighter and her fight, while difficult, is going well, all things considered.  She is supported by her husband in all ways, from the very core of his being.  That being said, anyone who has been a caregiver to someone who has cancer knows that it is an exhausting, 24/7 state of hyperawareness.  Freelance Escapologist has displayed amazing inner resources of stamina and good humor as anyone who has read his diaries about this healthcare journey can see.  But we know that caregiving can really wear on one’s emotional energy. 

Up until now, the community has supported this courageous family through many fiscal hurdles with deep, abiding affection and respect — now we would like to send some additional support to the family’s spirits in the form of a community quilt bearing multiple messages of love, a tangible blanket that they can cuddle under and read when they need a hug from all of us. 

What is a community quilt?  It is a quilt containing messages from you, transcribed by me in archival ink onto muslin.  My sister and I incorporated these messages into a colorful design, tailor made for the recipient.  Each quilt is unique and very personal.  They also have a strong vibe from all the words of love and respect.  Words have great power!  Believe me, they really do!  Leave a message in the comments below and I will {{{{hug}}}} you to let you know I have it noted.

Community quilt for Senator Harry Reid
Community Quilt for Sen. Harry Reid, “Steward of the State”

It takes lots of time and material to make a community quilt and it is a living for me and my sister. If you would like to contribute toward the cost of this quilt, here is a PayPal link— or message me for an address should you prefer a check.  $20/message is suggested by no worries if you cannot afford to donate.  We still want your message!  This is a crowdfunded thing and some always give more to cover messages for those who are short on funds.

Check here for a list of our completed quilts. There have been 159 to date.

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Eclectablog’s quilt top
Eclectablog’s quilt top


Boots says, “Thank you for supporting community quilts!”


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