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Joan McCarter started the ball rolling on this project for Sen. Reid yesterday with her lovely tribute diary, Community Quilt Project: Let's send a proper Daily Kos thank you to a Democratic giant, Harry Reid.  As you may have heard, Sen. Reid has had a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. 

Community Quilt For Harry ReidThat’s the bad news….pancreatic cancer is a very difficult disease to beat.  The good news is that Sen. Reid is doing very well at this time and feeling fine — and we hope that will continue for a long, long time.

You have a chance here to give a personal thank you to Sen. Reid for his long and distinguished service in the U.S. Senate and to wish him well.  We are making a community quilt for him, one containing personal messages from the Daily Kos community.  Leave a message in the comments below and I will pick it up with a {{{{hug}}}} to you.  If I have hugged you, you know I have your message noted!  I will transcribe the messages in archival ink on muslin that will be sewn into Sen. Reid’s quilt.  We are literally going to blanket this fine man with our words of love and respect.  Given the unfortunate nature of pancreatic cancer, we are going to race to get this gift to him as quickly as we can.  The most important aspect will be gathering the messages so let’s get right to that…

There is a lot of labor and material in one of these quilts and making them is a slender living for me and my sister.  If you would like to donate toward the cost of this gift to Sen. Reid, here is a PayPal link — or message me if you prefer to send a check.

$20/message is suggested  but no worries if you cannot afford to donate. I mean it! We still want your message! This is a crowdfunded thing and some always give more to cover messages for those who are short on funds.

Please note, if you leave a message in PayPal or somewhere other than the comments below, please Kos Mail me to make sure I pick it up.

And here is a link to a list of our body of work, a list of the recipients of the 158 community quilts made to date with some links, as well.  As you will see from the list, we have been making these quilts for a long time now and they really have become something of a Daily Kos institution.  This is a very Kossack way of paying tribute to Harry Reid.



Please leave your message below!  And thank you, from the bottom of my heart,  for being a part of this gift.


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