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MaureenMower is a widow of a man who had a lot of medical problems.  Now that he is gone, her circumstances are greatly reduced. 

Community Quilt For MaureenMowerShe’s living in a second floor room in a rooming house, a place where visiting nurses won’t come because of safety concerns.  Not being able to get such care is an issue at the moment because she has an acute problem with her leg.  Swelling from a deep vein thrombosis has left her with a wound that isn’t healing.  It is an extremely painful condition and necessitates frequent visits to a wound clinic for debridement.  Changing the bandages at home is absolute agony for her.  There is anxiety about the future here, too… The next step is surgery to get to the heart of the problem and to try to save MaureenMower’s leg, if it can be saved.  But that isn’t going to happen until she can get moved to a first floor room — she can’t go home from such a surgery if the only access to her home is with stairs.

Ann and I would like to make a community quilt for Maureen so that she has a constant reminder that people are thinking good thoughts for her and wishing her well.  We also think that Maureen is in one of those difficult and scary places in her life where things need to shift in a big way — and showering her with the positive thought of people from all over can only help.  Please focus your love on this lady and leave her a supportive message for her quilt in the comments below.

I have some very sad news for you. We lost one of our own, Maureen Mower. Her cousin sent over a note to several of us. 

I am Maureen's cousin - and I just signed into Daily Kos and found her diaries here.

I am very sad to share that I received word yesterday that my cousin has passed away.

From what I have been told, she died at the hotel she moved back to after leaving the boarding house, but I have no exact details. Her son was notified by the County - and he, in turn notified family members(cousins), who contacted me.

Several of us in the family tried to help Maureen.

Thank you so much to all of you who befriended Maureen and supported her with your kindness and financial assistance.

Maureen was a very brilliant person - and a very kind and caring soul.

May she rest in Eternal Peace.


BMScott’s community quilt
BMScott’s quilt, layered and pin basted for quilting

It takes lots of time and material to make a community quilt and it is a living for me and my sister. If you would like to contribute toward the cost of this quilt, here is a PayPal link — or message me for an address should you prefer a check.  $20/message is suggested by no worries if you cannot afford to donate.  We still want your message!  This is a crowdfunded thing and some always give more to cover messages for those who are short on funds.

Check here for a list of our completed quilts. There have been 151 to date — soon to be 153.

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