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This is an unusual situation for a community quilt. BfitzinAR is no longer part of the Daily Kos community and won’t be posting here tonight.

Community Quilt For BfitzinARHowever, before it was determined that she would no longer be a member, my sister and I had proposed a community quilt for her, to acknowledge all her good works for Kossacks, and she graciously accepted — with the proviso that quilts for serious illness would come first. Given that so many people are missing bfitz, it seemed to us that it would be a very healing thing for everyone if the community could begin the message giving part of bfitz’s quilt, a quilt that will be made just for her, containing words of love. People are missing her and we did not want to wait.

I checked with elfling before writing this diary and she very kindly gave me a green light.

So...before you write your message, please think about the long term because words are so important and never lose their vibration, for good or ill. Imagine 20 years from now when recent events are long in the past, when bfitz might be sitting in her chair, warming her feet before an evening fire, wrapped in her quilt — what words will be most meaningful to her? If she did something that helped you get through a hard time (as she has done for so many), this is a good place to tell her. If you admire her loving heart and selflessness, tell her. If she taught you something important, tell her. Let us try to give back to her all she has given to us. Send her your blessings — she will love and treasure that!

What is a community quilt? It is a type of friendship quilt. Leave a loving message in the comments below and I will transcribe it in archival ink onto muslin. My sister and I will sew your message into a colorful quilt that will warm bfitzinAR’s heart as well as her body. She will find all sorts of comfort in it everyday. Your words will be with her, always.

It takes lots of time and material to make a community quilt and it is a living for me and my sister. If you would like to contribute toward the cost of this quilt, here is a PayPal link — or message me for an address should you prefer a check. $20/message is suggested by no worries if you cannot afford to donate. We still want your message! This is a crowdfunded thing and some always give more to cover messages for those who are short on funds.

Check here for a list of community quilts completed to date (150 of them!).

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We are currently at work on two quilts — one for BMScott who recently broke his pelvis in three places as a result of a bicycle accident. (Ann has something special planned for the centerpiece of that one!) We are also making a quilt for Leslie Salzillo who will be having surgery for breast cancer in January. It is not too late to give a message for either of these two quilts — but please hurry! Kos mail me if you want to include messages in one or both.


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