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If you frequent the pootie diaries, you are familiar with our friend, BMScott. Punster, lover of words, a gentleman who is the soul of generosity, he is there everyday. Until the accident, that is...when we missed him for awhile.

Community Quilt for BMScottBMScott was in a bad bicycle accident. His pelvis was broken and it is going to be awhile before it is healed. There is not only pain with an injury like this but all the attendant inconvenience and aggravation that goes with mending bones...the not being able to bathe normally, the difficulty in getting around using a walker, the not being able to do...well just about any habitual thing, things as simple as carrying a mug of coffee from one room to another. Maddening! Since his healing will be happening during the colder months anyway, what say you that we make him a community quilt and load it up with quips, good cheer, and well wishes from all of us? It will be a tangible reminder that we are with him in spirit and that we care.

Joel Silberman’s quilt
Joel Silberman’s quilt, pin basted for quilting

If you are unfamiliar with community quilts here on Daily Kos, it is a type of “friendship quilt” from the community to a person suffering from illness or other hardship. I collect your messages in the comments and transcribe them in archival ink onto muslin. My sister and I then sew the messages into a colorful quilt.

It takes lots of time and material to make a community quilt and it is a living for me and my sister. If you would like to contribute toward the cost of this quilt, here is a PayPal link — or message me for an address should you prefer a check. $20/message is suggested by no worries if you cannot afford to donate. We still want your message! This is a crowdfunded thing and some always give more to cover messages for those who are short on funds.


Check here for a list of our completed quilts. There have been 149 to date!


BFSkinner’s new quilt, featuring a Tree of Life center block

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peregrine kate


Joel Silberman’s quilt will be done shortly so we will be ready to start on BMScott’s right away.

The Mart's quilt
The Marti’s quilt, featuring a basket of pooties (of course!)


Boots says, “Thank you for supporting community quilts!”


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