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rb608 (pancreatic cancer, RIP)

One of our community members is bravely facing a grave illness.  rb608 is beginning chemo for recently discovered cancer, an illness he announced in Cheers and Jeers on Halloween:

Community Quilt For rb608Serious Cheers and Jeers today.

I told my real life loved ones last night, so now I can tell you here. When I had my gall bladder removed a few weeks ago, the surgeon looked around while he was in there, and what he found isn’t good news. Pancreatic cancer, metastasized to my liver and abdominal wall. Needless to say, there have been some tears here at home as we try to figure out what “normal” is going to be from here on out. I’ve had a med port installed, and we’re hoping I can get the chemo regimen nailed down and started this week. How much time do I have?  Don’t really know; but this is a notorious bad one; and despite my attempt to put a cheery, optimistic face on it, I don’t think I’ll be walking my daughter down the aisle. So that’s that. I love you all here, and I didn’t want to just disappear without my friends here knowing what’s what.

Despite that, I still have a good Cheer. The SO and I have decided to get married. I love this woman more than I can say, and she’s been wonderful for me through so much in our too short time together. So, we’re going to get a license and have a small ceremony here at the house in the next couple months as soon as we nail down the chemo schedule.

So, I’m home on short-term disability for now, and I’ll be cheering & jeering as long as I can. Peace. Love.

His daughter wrote to me and asked for a community quilt for her father — and that is what we are gathering here tonight to get underway. 

What is a community quilt?  It is a quilt bearing messages of love and support from you, the members of the community, which I will transcribe in archival ink onto muslin.  Then my sister and I will design and sew a quilt incorporating your words.   Rb608 will be able to wrap himself in your love — literally!  His quilt will be a blanket that will warm the heart as much as the body.  He will find it to be very useful when he is getting chemo, when he is resting at home, and whenever he wants to feel the presence of his online friends.  The magic of this quilt of caring begins tonight, with your words which rb608 will be reading here, in the comments.

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