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Jeanne, wife of RubDMC

Jeanne, wife of RubDMC (Alzheimer’s, RIP)

RubDMC’s wife, Jeanne, is in an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s — and he wants her to have a community quilt with loving words on it. 

Community Quilt For Jeanne wife of RubDMCAnd we want her to have it very soon, well before the holidays!  This is a love-gift from him and his family as he has funded the quilt for just over 20 messages.  Your message is most welcome — just leave it in the comments below and I will pick it up with a {{{{hug}}}} to you!  It will be transcribed in archival ink onto muslin and incorporated into Jeanne’s quilt.

Here is what RubDMC wrote to me about Jeanne:

She's been a nurse, educator, and counselor over an almost 50-year professional life. She's the single biggest influence on my life, by far  ;^)

Things now aren't quite what we planned, but we're still fortunate.We're getting a lot of support and making the best of a bad situation. The goal is to remain safe, comfortable, content, dignified, and loved at home.

This quilt will be a bit different for us in that it will include a piece of patchwork made by RubDMC’s daughter.  We will be placing the messages around this and will fill out with coordinating piecework to make a bed-sized quilt.

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