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Common Sense Mainer

Common Sense Mainer (a tribute)

Everybody knows of Common Sense Mainer as Bill in Portland Maine's beloved life partner.  But unless you have been fortunate enough to have met him at a Netroots Nation conference or other meet up, you won't have seen how he lights up a room so that everyone suddenly finds themselves in a good mood.  

Community Quilt For Common Sense MainerMichael has that rare gift of quiet efficiency that makes things (social situations, logistics, organization) flow with ease but without being in the forefront, himself.  He is gracious and giving to a fault as well as being a hell of a lot of fun.  

Ann and I want to make a star quilt for CSM to honor him for his huge heart and many contributions to community, especially in light of his role in helping us all feel represented at Cedwyn's bedside.  Like Jotter and Jill Richardson, he traveled a long way to see Cedwyn -- and he picked up ericlewis0 and 4Freedom along the way.  He kept a lot of us, including the quiltmakers, in the loop on Cedwyn's condition, even when his visit was done -- and it was at his insistence that Ann and I got the community quilt to Cedwyn in time for her to enjoy it awhile.  Yes, CSM lit a fire under us, all the way from Portland, ME to Portland OR and we are so grateful for it!  Like many, I really admire CSM for all he did for Cedwyn.  I know it was not easy for someone as sensitive as he to witness the vital and vibrant Cedwyn so physically diminished by mortal illness and yet rise above the shock to cheer her up (which he did, beautifully).  Such things take an emotional toll and you cannot forget them...Ann and I know.

There is another reason we want to make this special quilt for CSM.  He has recently had a diagnosis of COPD, a serious medical condition and something he will live with for the rest of his life.  Now he is on two inhalers and tells me they are not giving the best relief.  Difficulty in drawing breath is a bitter limitation for someone like Michael and is enough to make any bright spirit feel blue.  I don't know if a quilt like this can make breathing easier but, filled with love and light and color as it shall be, it should be an effective antidote for the blues.

So, would you like to leave a short message for CSM to let him know how you love and value him?  We are looking for 200 short messages to make a star.  The messages need to be brief and pithy so they will fit.

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