Quilt Recipients

Community Quilt for J Grahm

Breast cancer is a horror that can happen to any woman — and, by all accounts, learning that it has occurred is absolutely terrifying.  It is a diagnosis that is sure to turn a person’s world completely upside down. J Graham has learned that she has breast cancer — and we are here to let her know that internet friends around the country — even around the world — are with her in spirit and wishing her well.

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Community Quilt for Dixiecollie

Our beloved friend, Dixiecollie, is in treatment for cancer.  She is starting a chemo drug regime that will likely last for over a year.  Dixiecollie will be taking a very toxic drug, three weeks on, one week to rest from it, possibly for as long as fifteen months.  It will be very harsh and she is likely to feel many shades of lousy but it is what she needs to do to be well.

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Community Quilt for jwinIL14

It is always hard to see people we love go through something hard and extremely painful.  A well known visitor to the Pootie diaries and very good friend to many here, jwinIL14, has just been diagnosed with lung cancer.  He is scheduled to have surgery on Sept. 25, certain tests allowing.  He is hoping they will have to remove less tissue rather than more… Regardless, it will be a very major surgery.

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