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    Today is ...

  2. Today is Veterans Day, once a day to remember the Armistice in The War to End All Wars (which sadly wasn’t) and now a day to honor all veterans. Red poppies still are a symbol of the blood of those who fell in France over a century ago and are now a symbol of remembrance for modern veterans, too.

    My mother’s father fought in France.  He had been in the National Guard in Missouri and that’s how he ended up going over.  He was wounded there, lost a piece of his stomach.  Like many wounded veterans of any war, his health never fully returned.  I wish I

  3. Tina Kotek in Beaverton
    Tina in Beaverton

    Here in Oregon, we will be voting for our next Governor this Tuesday. It is a race among three women; Tina Kotek, a Democrat and longtime Speaker of our State Legislature, Christine Drazan, a MAGA