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By teacherken
Daily Kos member

Leaves received the quilt!!! This is one of the most incredible things I've ever been given. Every one of these sayings is extraordinary. It's just incredible. On so many levels its just beautiful - emotionally, visually, in the beautiful way it's made, in the words themselves which are so full of poetry, healing and holiness.

 There is a real sense of the sacred about it. In the love behind it, in the community. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever been given.  Such a gift!

Just a few of the words Leaves on the Current offered upon getting and examining this:

photo (35)

I think she likes it.

There are more pictures of this wonderful gift below.


Reading the note from the quilters, including the caring of this treasure:

photo (31)

Delighting in the beautiful backing, saying "it's my favorite color! --

photo (32)

And now she unfolds to examine her treasure:

photo (33)

Seeing the actual quilt, including the wonderful texts:

photo (34)

And here she has just read a text that begins  "For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings" offered from the penultimate line of his favorite Shakespearean sonnet by the person taking these pictures:

photo (36)

an yes, she also knows the final line . . .

As she got to the final text panel she read, she said

It's almost eery what the last one says.
Those words, offered by Kitsap River and Charles Curtis Stanley, were  
May the light of health illumine all your being, now and always.  Let yourself receive care:  it can be a hard thing to learn to do.  May it come to you easily.
She says it is like a message from God that she receiving repeatedly.  It's a teaching that she needed to learn, and she is still learning it.

We will have to be careful where we put it, because the cats are, of course, fascinated by it.

Leaves is overwhelmed with gratitude.  She asked me to thank the community now on her behalf, and that when she has time she will offer her own thanks directly.

On behalf of both of us, we thank you, we feel blessed, we love you.


From Daily KOS: Leaves received the quilt!!!

Originally posted to teacherken on Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 07:50 PM PDT.

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