Daily Kos Community Quilts Project

Community Quilts are a way of sharing care, compassion and support for community members who are facing illness or other hardships.
  1. Tina Kotek in Beaverton
    Tina in Beaverton

    Here in Oregon, we will be voting for our next Governor this Tuesday. It is a race among three women; Tina Kotek, a Democrat and longtime Speaker of our State Legislature, Christine Drazan, a MAGA

  2. One of the great things about this online community is that we help each other when needed. Now is one of those times, as our dear MarTigress needs assistance. I will let her explain:

    Many of you who know me from PWB Peeps (as The Pootie Princess, or MarTigress) or New Day Cafe already know a bit about my life.  I am the widow of an AF "lifer." It was a great life, full of challenges, drama and comedy.
    Since my husband's passing in 2005, life has been full of challenges.  In 2010, I moved from my home in MD to MA in what was
  3. “I’ll stick with this for as long as you want to”

    When my surgeon first said that to me I thought she was daft. I had just learned that I had cancer again and needed a mastectomy this time. My surgeon was talking about reconstruction, about how, after chopping off my breast she would work to give me a new one, one that I was happy with, for as long as I wanted to keep trying.

    I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to stop trying until I had a replacement breast I was happy with. I was told that women quit,