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Saturday, a gruesome mass murder shocked our nation. In Pittsburgh, PA, eleven innocent people were massacred by a gunman at the Tree of Life Synagogue and six more were injured.  There are three floors to this Synagogue, each housing a congregation.

Elenacarlena has been in a world of hurt.  After a sudden hospitalization and surgery in December, she has been on the long road to recovery ever since. 

Rosebuddear is experiencing severe pain from an injury and it may be awhile before she can get an appointment at the VA for help. The other day, the pain was so intense, so overwhelming, she called out to the community for emotional support.

Our friend, Eclectablog, for some time has suffered from diverticulitis that put him in the hospital twice earlier this year and causes intense, debilitating pain while it is happening.

This is an unusual situation for a community quilt. BfitzinAR is no longer part of the Daily Kos community and won’t be posting here tonight.