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7th Anniversary of the Community Quilt Project -- a request

The Book of Faces does not was seven years ago today that I mailed the very first community quilt to Othniel.

Othniel was a well beloved member of Street Prophets as well as Daily Kos.  He was very, very sick with cellulitis in a leg, a deep seated infection that almost resulted in amputation.  I put up a diary on Street Prophets asking for messages of love and support for him — and he saw it while he was in the hospital, awaiting surgery that was hoped to save his leg.  He was so excited, he called for his partner and love of his life, austex54, to come to the hospital at 2am to read them together.  The loving words, that were transcribed onto this quilt, were fresh in his mind when he went into surgery the next day.  He believed it made a difference in his healing.  Thereafter, whenever Othniel went into the hospital for care, the quilt went with him.  When he had MRIs or CT scans, the quilt was draped over him.  And when he passed away, rather suddenly from a virulent flu some years later, the quilt was featured prominently at his memorial service.

 photo IMG_0925-1.jpg
Me with Othniel’s quilt, the day it shipped

That’s how it all began!  That was quilt 1 of 135 we have made since.  And my sister, Ann, and I are still at work on them.  Jen Hayden’s quilt is in progress (delayed by a plumbing failure in our house that resulted in water streaming into our sewing area).  And quilts for gchaucer2 and Denise Oliver Velez are in the queue.

 photo IMG_0921.jpg
Goldie, our chief quilt inspector, helping me with Othniel's quilt.

We love making these community quilts — and we love the way people come together to be kind to one another.  We are also extremely grateful for the work — it has helped us to squeak by in a very hard economy.

Ann and I extend a big thank you to Markos for founding this special place on the web where the magic of community quilts could happen.  For seven wonderful years!  We are grateful for the opportunity to start a small business out of the daily Pootie diary here on Daily Kos.  Hugs and thank you for your long time support, Markos!  We hope to make you very, very proud by succeeding in this!
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