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Thank Rule of Claw had a pain that brought him to the ER. There he had a terrible surprise.  His visit revealed a life threatening problem which turned out to be kidney cancer. 

Our friend roses is in an aggressive treatment for endometrial cancer — and it is not her first time.  She wrote to me:

Mother Emanuel display at Charleston, SC airport
In honor of Mother Emanuel Church and the Emanuel 9 - At The Charleston Airport

Ann and I made a flying visit to Charleston, SC this past week.  A lot of things did not go to plan — but we did get to see Gordon20024 (Archie) and The Marti for a little while on Friday.

Way back in 2006, at the very first Yearly Kos, my sister and I had patches available for signing for a quilt.  It was signed by all sorts of people — including some famous people like Sen. Harry Reid, Amb. Joe Wilson, and Gen. Wesley Clark, to name a few.  That quilt later was the focus of an Act Blue page to benefit a Democratic Sen. campaign.