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Message to Gerry "stumpy" Richardson

May this quilt warm both body and spirit; always know that we are thinking of you.

From Ebby

Message #004 to Gerry "stumpy" Richardson, 1947-2010

Remember we are with you, so you are not alone.  We'll keep you warm with this quilt!  

From Lorikeet

As long as you can read our messages you will never be alone.  For every square on this quilt, there are 100 Kossacks who consider you our friend.  Feel better soon from one Kossack to another.  Miss Blue

Strength and honor! For the Horde!  Moody Loner

Hey Kosella Much love from all your guildies on Garrosh. We've missed you and have been so worried. ((((hugs))))
Mama  Grassroots Mom