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Winglion is the home of the Community Quilt Project where we stitch together loving thoughts of friends for those facing illness or other hardship, and of Pootie Pads, small quilts filled with organic herbs to pamper your pet with soothing scents.  We celebrate the connection of people to each other and with the four-legged creatures with whom we share our homes.  At Winglion, there is love and warmth in every quilt we make.

We are a small business that makes quilts for people facing illness or other hardship, a popular feature on Daily Kos that has blossomed into the Community Quilt Project. A friend suggested we also branch out and make something for cat lovers–and thus the Pootie Pad came to be.

Custom Quilts, Community Quilts, and Pootie Pads are handmade in Portland, Oregon by two sisters. They are made with love, care, humor.