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DK Quilt Guild: DK VA Hospital Service Project

This year, we do not intend to go to Phoenix but instead would like to arrange a similar gift to the Portland, OR VA Hospital on Oct. 1. Here is why... Portland is where Ann and I live and we have space to collect the quilts, hats, scarves, and teddy bears prior to delivery.

The beginning of October is a beautiful time in Portlandia -- and as Oct. 1 is a Thursday, should anyone want to visit our town for this and make a long weekend of it, it is more than doable. It is still well before Christmas, the time most groups send gifts to the VA.

One other thing that we did not organize last year but which was impressed upon us by the Volunteer Coordinator last year.  Gifts of comfort items such as these to the VA are tax deductible.  If you donate and are interested in a receipt for taxes, please let me know when you send your gift to me and I will provide the VA Coordinator in Portland with your name and address so the receipt may be sent to you.

If you would like to provide quilts for this project:

* wheelchair quilts are 36" x 60" or thereaboouts
* lap robes are also good, say 45" x 60" -- although if you have a top hanging around that you would like to finish for this, we won't say no even if it is much bigger!
* polyester batting is probably best
* bright colors are great
* avoid references to religion in your work.  The VA is protective of its veterans in this regard.
* label as you wish

These quilts might be used anywhere in the hospital.

We have four months and it would be lovely to have at least 40 quilts again.  Please let me know in the comments if you would like to contribute!


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winglion - 4
Pam from Calif - 2
rk2 - 1
BeadLady - 1
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