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By Land of Enchantment

Sara R is donating a quilt to raise money for INDN’s List, the Indigenous Democratic Network which focuses on electing Native American candidates and mobilizing the Indian Vote.


Goal Thermometer

Support INDN's List
and you could
win this quilt!  >>>

Every contribution of $10+ today on this Act Blue page gets chance in a drawing for the quilt on August 31. No cash, no problem, see essay entry instructions (50 word limit) here.


I've done a fair amount of on-the-ground election work on reservation.  Voter registration, GOTV, event coordination, mailings, and a bunch of data work.  Some years back, I helped the first ever Native American get elected to the Taos School Board.  That's what this star quilt thing is about:  raising funds, through ActBlue, for native candidates around the country.

It's worth noting that most tribes vote overwhelmingly Democratic.  Most of New Mexico's reservation precincts vote c. 90% Democratic, some as high as 95%.  Since they tend to be under-registered, too, it's a good source of additional Democratic votes.  So a good Native American candidate can be just the thing to motivate an Indian to register and vote for the first time.

If you've donated on past days, tossing in $10 or more today will get you another chance in the drawing for the quilt.  Not only that, today's bonus prize is that navajo will buy you dinner - either at Netroots Nation 2011 in Minneapolis next June, or if you come to San Francisco.

The following photo diary is a collaboration by: navajo, Land of Enchantment and Eddie C
More than 200 people signed patches for Sara R's fantastic quilt.
Many of their photos are below:

IMG_2196 Kos IMG_1922 mcjoan

IMG_1797 Jerome a Paris IMG_1814 Adam B

My new heroAlan Grayson

IMG_1912_1 Van Jones 09.29.08 Gen Wesley Clark at Florida Air AcademyWes Clark

IMG_9758 IMG_9573 Meteor Blades

IMG_9575  430933687_0a9ba2ad65_s (2) Winter Rabbit

DSCF1790 Ojibwa     IMG_9574 dengre

IMG_9571 teacherken 100_8257 John Dean

Bill in Portland Maine and Common Sense Mainer

IMG_1728  IMG_9493 Gavin Newsom
Land of Enchantment and jnhobbs              mik and brillig                 Gavin Newsom

IMG_9636 Gina Cooper IMG_1808 Raven Brooks aka terminal 3

Steve Young at the California Caucus  IMG_9559
                                Steve Young                        Donna Edwards

Jim Hightower

IMG_9538 Darcy Burner 100_8193 George Lakoff

IMG_9761 DH in MI 100_8218 Delaware Dem

ykc2007_0001e Jeffrey Feldman  IMG_1792 Ben Masel

IMG_4220 Charlie Brown IMG_9827 Lee Camp

David Sirota

Van Jones & Leona McElvene
Mike Engelhart


Teamsters Organizing for Power

100_8208 Timroff  100_8279 Dania Audax

IMG_4185 IMG_4177 IMG_4148
mem from Somerville                                  Reality Bites Back                        Sharoney

IMG_4299 virgomusic IMG_4178 David Boyle

blackwoof and wolfmanspike     IMG_4320
Black Wolf and Wolfman Spike             navajo, Tinnekkia Williams and Georgia Little Shield

IMG_4322  IMG_9491
javelina and betson08                         N in Seattle

IMG_4315 loggersbrat 100_8265 Malacandra

IMG_4190 NYBri IMG_5783 Eddie C

Kid Oakland! Kid Oakland Cedwyn dreaming again Cedwyn

philndeblanc  IMG_9582
Phil N. DeBlanc                                       OrangeClouds115

100_8223 navajo and chunyangIMG_9577 Raines Cohen

IMG_9579 MsSpentyouth  IMG_9548 kath25

IMG_9547 jlms_gkw 100_8292 shockwave
Pastor Dan, Loggersbrat, AndyT & Mrs. Pastor
pastordan, loggersbrat, Andy Ternay and Mrs. Pastor



IMG_2256 Floja Roja Moody Loner  ::  Gamer Extraordinaire Moody Loner

Ms. Anonymous and Ellicat
IMG_1968 cskendrick IMG_2030 kimoconnor

100_8286 texas mom

IMG_1761 Bruin Kid and SanDeigoDem

These folks are elusive:


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From Daily Kos:  Last Call for the Star Quilt (plus pix of 100+ signers)

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