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By Sara R
Daily Kos member

The quilt has a new owner. A young neighbor did us the honor of drawing the ticket.  There were 219 tickets, corresponding to 214 donations and five essays.  The quilt raised $5086 for Jerry Brown’s campaign for Governor of California.


Here is one last look at the quilt signed at Netroots Nation 2007 – "All Buttoned Up":

Drawing for All Buttoned Up

The winning ticket:

Winning ticket, All Buttoned Up

The winning ticket corresponded to a donation given by Oke.  Yes, Oke is the winner!  Congratulations!  The quilt is going to a loving home and to a great supporter of Jerry Brown.  Thank you, Oke.

And thanks also to everyone who wrote a quiltraiser diary this month, to Bill in Portland Maine who inspired his readers to donate, to everyone who wrote an essay or who donated.  You all made it happen.

From Daily KOS: The Winner of  “All Buttoned Up” Quilt

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