When you buy a Pootie Pad, you help
support the Community Quilt Project.

Pootie Pads (Petite)

Petite (13.5" x 9").  Here are links for ordering.  Below and to the left you'll see fabric choices.  Specify a fabric in the PayPal note to merchant section if you have a preference -- if you don't have a preference, we'll be happy to choose for you.

One Petite Pootie Pad -- $18 + $6.65 shipping

Two Petite Pootie Pads -- $35 + $6.65 shipping

Each Pootie Pad is handmade with love and care in Oregon with American catnip — made in the USA!  We, the makers, are also behind the Community Quilt Project.  When you buy a Pootie Pad, you help support the Community Quilt work, as well.


Pootie Pads Fabric Choices

  • Lucky Cats
  • Lace Cats
  • Flower Power Cats
  • Cat Batik
  • Sushi Chefs
  • Cats On Labels
  • Library Cats
  • Garden Cats
  • Flower Cats
  • Cats In Space
  • I Love My Cat
  • Sweater Cats
  • Wild Cats
  • Wizard of Paws
  • Rainbow Princess Cats
  • Theater Cats
  • Packed Cartoon Cats
  • Ragdoll Cats
  • Museum Cats
  • Personal Ads
  • Sushi Cats
  • Masterpiece
  • Wonderland
  • Character Cats
  • Fishbowl Fascination
  • Playtime
  • Portrait Cats
  • Stadium Cats
  • Rainbow Grins
  • Cats In The Laundry
  • Cat Faces
  • Mystic Cats
  • Bookshelf Kitties
  • Cat Constellations
  • Cat Food
  • Galaxy Cats
  • Spacewalk Cats (glows in the dark)

Pootie Pad Quick Links