Quilt Recipients


BFSkinner (lupus)

Monday night I posted a diary about the quilts the Kossack community has commissioned for two valued members and one lady who has been in the news.  

Community Quilt For BFSkinnerThree quilt projects were proposed – the third of which I am writing about tonight.  It's for BFSkinner who has a severe case of lupus.  You can read more about his situation here and here.  It is not a situation you would wish on anyone, much less this beautiful man.

To do this, first, we need messages!  If you would like to have a message inscribed to BFSkinner (to fit within a 4.5" square patch), please write it in a comment below.  I will write your message in archival ink on muslin and heat set it for permanence. He is really looking forward to having this quilt and all your support that is in it.  Do not underestimate the power of your words and the love they project.  It is awesome and it will help him.

Thank you both for the wonderful gift that keeps me and the pooties warm and comfortable every night. This community is a very special place and you have loads to do with making it so.  BFSkinner
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