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 moe99 (lung cancer, RIP)

moe99 has a frightening cancer diagnosis and is having problems getting his insurance company to take next steps in a timely manner.  

Community Quilt For Moe99Thus, strength and support are required on two fronts – and a quilt making our support for moe99 tangible, something he can wrap himself in – has been requested.  He’s on a journey where every bit of support will be very welcome.

There is something about the power of loving thoughts, expressed on something as soft and comforting as a quilt.  They give twice -- when first expressed online and again when the quilt is received.  The love in the messages never washes out.

I received my healing quilt from Rain in Portland OR, today and I've been searching vainly for a way to contact each and every Kossack whose name is contained within the quilt, to send a personal note of thanks.

But I cannot find a way to do that within Daily Kos, so I offer this up to each of you.  I am so incredibly grateful for your tangible outpouring of support.

And below the fold, I list the names that I have found on my lovely quilt.  I plan to read your words over and over again in the coming months as it seems I will have some time to do so while I go through treatment for my lung cancer.

A very big thanks to (and any spelling errors are mine):

Kfred (twice!)
Carolyn Urban
Green Mtn State
One bite at a time
Bluejay RN
good as gold
Smiley Sam
Dallas doc
Julie Gulden
Virginia Jeff
exmearden (given your own travails, your generosity means so much)
Dreaming of Better Days
the blue crayon
Kitsap River (you too!)
penny 8611
mem from Somerville
bergman 16
Dem in the heart of Texas
short girl
Raging Swede
Colorado is the Shiznit

Ever since my previous diary on Kos, Group Health has become more responsive to my requests.  They paid for a second opinion with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance ("SCCA") and yesterday, based upon the input from SCCA, the final decisions concerning my treatment were made.  You can read about it on my personal blog, if you are interested.

You should also know that I am given to understand (through private sources) that my earlier posting on Daily Kos was seen at Group Health and it had an effect on how I have been treated by them since then.  So please, do know, that this group has made a significant effect in large and small, tangible and intangible ways not only in my life but I am sure in the lives of many others.  Edited on 12/22/09 to add that today I discovered an email on my yahoo email which I rarely visit, from a Kos member who emailed my intial story to a relative on the Board of Group Health and that seems to have been the catalyst for change!

Thank you to all in the Kos community for your continuing support.  And especially to Rain for her fabulous skills as a seamstress.  I am deeply indebted to you all.


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