Quilt Recipients


By Sara R
Monday May 15, 2017

As readers of the Monday Night Cancer Club diaries will know, our friend, outragedinsf, has prostate cancer.  It is not an uncommon cancer among men and, fortunately, the prognosis is better than with a lot of cancers. 

Community Quilt For outragedinsfBut the treatment for prostate cancer, be it surgery or radiation, can possibly have very negative, life-changing aftereffects.  That’s why outragedinsf has adopted a “watch and wait” approach up until now.  However, recently some lab results have led him to a different decision.  Outragedinsf is beginning radiation treatment in early July.

This gives us time to get a community quilt to him so that he can take all our good wishes along with him to treatment.  And he can rest under our loving words when healing at home.  If you would like to be a part of his quilt, just leave a message in the comments below.  I will {{{{hug}}}} you to let you know that I have picked it up, and then I will transcribe it, in archival ink on muslin, to be sewn into outragedinsf’s quilt.

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