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The Mother Emanuel Quilt

By Sara R  
Thursday Apr 13, 2017

On this quilt, there are 200 messages of love and support for the congregation of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, the church where, in June of 2015 there was a horrific, racially motivated massacre. 

 It was an act of terror meant to make people feel afraid and isolated.  As quilters, my sister and I wanted to do something to let the congregation know that people across the country care deeply for them — that love and respect flow to them from all quarters.  So with the support of the Daily Kos community, we made this quilt filled with loving words from you.  There are many, many, many hours of work in this, much of the stitching done by hand.

At the center is a ceramic bead from Kenya.  The gold fabric was used in the backing of JoanMar’s quilt.

The backing of the Mother Emanuel quilt is authentic African fabric very kindly donated by Chun Yang.  My sister thinks it looks a little like church windows.  To me, it suggests candle flames.  It is soft to the touch and really lovely.  Some will be used in the quilt for Denise Oliver Velez.

Red, green and black are the colors of the Emanuel AME Church.  TrueBlueMajority found this out for us — and suggested other colors with liturgical significance (gold, purple and blue).


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