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Bill in Portland Maine

Bill in Portland Maine (colon cancer)

I know I am not alone in my shock.  I just learned Bill in Portland Maine has been in the hospital for several days.  He had an exploratory surgery last week because of persistent abdominal pain that he has been suffering for a long time now.

Community Quilt For Bill In Portland MainHe and Michael (Common Sense Mainer) are now awaiting biopsy results — and as you might expect, it is a very tense time.  It will be a few more days until there is any certainty about what exactly is wrong or what to do about it.  The good news is that when Bill’s post-surgery bodily plumbing is working as intended, he will be able to go home and sleep in his own bed.  On Facebook, Michael wrote:

I am here at the hospital. Bill walked and stood for a bit. He has an epidural numbing the abdomen area. He will be in until he can do 3 things. Pee, poop and ready...fart! We won't know anything conclusive until Tuesday maybe longer. He is in good spirits, I have been coming up here as much as possible. Billeh and I thank each and every one of you for your prayers, thoughts, love, hugs, love. We are 2 very fortunate people.

It goes without saying that Bill, who is absolutely integral to (and truly is a Founding Father of) the community through Cheers & Jeers, Netroots Nation, and through all the smiles and laughter he has brought us through the years, is getting a community quilt to help him get through this.  Let’s let him know, in messages that I will transcribe onto muslin, just how much joy he has brought us and what he means to us.  Let’s lift up his spirits and tell him that we love him, now and for always.

This brilliant, funny man needs us now and we can be there for him in a blanket of love.

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