Quilt Recipients

The Marti

Our Marti is an uplifting presence at the heart of the Daily Kos community.  You will see her cheerful self in any of the social diaries throughout the day but most especially in the Pootie diaries. 

Community Quilt For The Marti.jpgShe undertook the very important task of overseeing the PWB Peeps group after Tricia Wyse passed away — and this fun-filled oasis for people who love pets has thrived under the MarTiger’s leadership.  Marti is funny, sassy, and her warm and naughty humor is contagious as can be.  She makes everyone feel welcome and included.  She makes us laugh and feel happy.  She brings us closer together, all in the spirit of fun and friendship.  What a gift this woman is!

What you may not know is that even though the spirit of Marti’s heart is as big and open as all outdoors the actual, physical, pumping organ has not been well for a long time.  Marti has had open heart surgery and lives with all the limitations that come with being a heart patient.  She also lives with considerable, debilitating chronic pain in her back, neck, and all her joints, pain for which there is no good remedy (at least not until her State allows medical marijuana) and which also greatly limits what she can do.   Not to mince words, it sucks and Marti suffers.

We would like to make a community quilt for Marti so she can keep your love and friendship close, something to give her some loving energy on those days when she is laid low by pain.  We love her!  So let’s wrap her up in loving words as a tangible reminder to her of how we feel.  Leave a message of love, support, and appreciation in a comment below and I will transcribe it onto muslin.  My sister and I will then sew it into a colorful patchwork for this beautiful woman.

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