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Dr. Fergie Reid, Sr.

Dr. Fergie Reid, Sr. (birthday tribute)

It started with a post from Sara R calling for more comments on the community quilt for the AME Church in South Carolina (and she may still need comments).

Community Quilt For Dr. Fergie Reid, Sr.It hit me that when Dr. Ferguson Reid turned 90 all he wanted for his birthday was for people to register voters. So people did. They started a voter advocacy movement called 90for90 . So far in VA ¼ million new voters have been registered so far, and they are on their way to ½ million.

Really an amazing tribute. He turned 91 this year and I thought that despite the fact that he eschews accolades, it would be nice for him to have a community quilt with messages from some of those whose lives he’s touched.

The quilt sisters thought that was a great idea and suggested a lap quilt. I quietly put the word out and asked for messages. Now, I have done a community quilt for a friend before, someone with eleventy hundred face book followers and they just didn’t get it. Daily Kos has a very unique form of community here, I would argue it’s the thing that holds us together.

Dr. Reid’s friends got it instantly, that man knows how to build community! I sent messages around on Daily Kos to groups and individuals that know or have been affected by Dr. Reid. Wow! We got some great messages.

These aren’t all the messages, so if you don’t see yours and would like to, Kosmail me. This also isn’t an actual representation of way the messages look. It’s only my crummy little camera and my limited photography skills. The quilt and the messages look gorgeous!

Thank you Dr. Reid, for all you’ve done and continue to do.

Dr. William Ferguson Reid Sr.
The quilt tag.   Each quilt has a name.
Dr. Reid Jr., Dr. Reid Sr., Vet Wife  and daughter.
The design in the middle is called a “Virginia Reel”, how cool is that? Sara R thought that the arrows looking just like “dropping down and going around”, one of Dr. Reid’s sayings.
The card that was sent with the quilt. I liked the quotation marks.
Dr. Reid
The back of the quilt showing the quilt tag.
Dr. Reid
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