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JoanMar (grief for her daughter who died very suddenly)

JoanMar, the founder and moving force behind DK's Support the Dream Defenders and longtime, community member, activist and friend, suffered a sudden and unthinkable loss recently.

Community Quilt For JoanMar JoanMar's daughter was in the hospital for what seemed to be a bleeding ulcer. She was due to come home when she suddenly died.  It is said that one of the worst pains a human heart can ever bear is the loss of a child.  It is a pain that JoanMar will carry as long as she lives.  She will need her friends, not just now but for the future, because this is not a wound that will ever go away completely.  Loving friendship is what will help her recover and carry on.

The Daily Kos community has lovingly given JoanMar financial support, to help defray the costs of the funeral and any incidental costs -- to relieve any immediate worry about money while she grieves.  Now we will continue to give emotional support as well, with something tangible in which she can wrap herself -- a community quilt bearing your words of love and comfort.  She will be able to cry into it, rest under it, read it over and over...believe me when I say that loving words, once uttered, continue to work healing magic.  They are incredibly powerful -- and the best medicine we can give our friend.

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