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Frederick Clarkson

Frederick Clarkson (blood clots)

As many of you know, my sister and I have been making a series of quilts for Kossacks who are facing serious illness.  

Community Quilt For Fredrick ClarksonWe have been sewing them – but you are providing the meat of them for they are constructed largely of your messages, written in archival ink on muslin, and set with pictorial fabrics that are meaningful for the recipient.

Without question, it’s your words that make these quilts so valued by their recipients.  Think of one of these quilts as a giant, cuddly group get-well card – something that will be kept and valued more than a stack of cards ever will.  Such a quilt can be held onto, cried into, or hung on the wall and read over and over.  This a very special way for a person who is ill to keep the well wishes of all their friends close while they go through their treatments.

Would you like to send such a quilt to Frederick Clarkson?  He's a good friend to Daily Kos and to Street Prophets (where I write as Rain).  He has been dangerously ill with blood clots. Thankfully, the problem has been caught and is being treated but Frederick has been through an ordeal -- and it is not yet over.


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