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    The Community Quilt Project

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  • The Community Quilt Project

    The Community Quilt Project

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Daily Kos Community Quilts Project

Community Quilts are a way of sharing care, compassion and support for community members who are facing illness or other hardships.
  1. This is my weep and moan.

    Bear with me, it gets better.

    Stage 5 Chronic Kidney disease.

    Better known as Kidney Failure.

    I had a CT Scan a couple of weeks ago.

    It shows that my kidneys have atrophied.

    Hollow pipes.

    With all the water in my tissues

    I am about 45 pounds overweight.

    I haven’t had a drink in months,

    but I always feel like I’m hung over.

    It doesn’t go away all day.

    My tissues are full of fluid

    that should have been  piss.

    Did I mention that I can taste all that backed

  2. Today, from 1pm to 3pm, people are meeting at St. Luke’s in Dixon, IL to celebrate the life of John L. Walker (jwinIL14 as he was known here at Daily Kos).  John had had a major surgery for lung cancer from which he had difficulty recovering.  On Oct. 28, he suffered a heart attack and left us.  He was only 60.  His son, Jason Walker wrote:

    John had a heart of gold, a thumb as green as they come, and was a treasure to those close to him in his local and online communities. He hosted a self-managed annual plant sale, served as a local election judge, and

  3. What can I say?  My sister, winglion, thinks like a cat.  She designed the Pootie Pad for cats — a quilted pad stuffed liberally with potent, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic catnip.  We make them in three sizes  in our basement workshop, a cottage industry that  has brought great pleasure to kitty cats across the land.  You can see fabric selections in our store.  While you are there, be sure to sign up for our occasional newsletter.