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Quilts for Detroit VA Hospital nursing home

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By Sara R. from Daily Kos

Quilts we delivered to the Palo Alto VA Hospital in 2013 -- see a photo gallery of our visit here.

Hi everybody!  We're here to organize a community gift of quilts and other comfort items to the Detroit VA Hospital to be delivered July 16, 2014 at noon -- one day before NN14 kicks off.  This year, we are focusing on the facility's nursing home which has 65 beds.  So the goal is 65 quilts, a mix of wheelchair size and lap throws.

Welcome to Winglion Quilts

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Winglion is the home of the Community Quilt Project where we stitch together loving thoughts of friends for those facing illness or other hardship, and of Pootie Pads, small quilts filled with organic herbs to pamper your pet with soothing scents.  We celebrate the connection of people to each other and with the four-legged creatures with whom we share our homes.  At Winglion, there is love and warmth in every quilt we make.

Support Our Cause

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You, the community, support our work. Your help provides us with materials and supports our hours of work on each quilt project. We are thankful that you keep our needles quilting!

Pootie Pads for Pooches

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Now there are Pootie Pads for Pooches, too!  These pads have soothing organic lavender and thyme quilted in and ore made of cotton fabric, Dream Puff, polyester batting. These are perfect for lining a bed or crate or for protecting the sofa from your four-legged friends fur.  If your dog is suffering from anxiety or stress, the aroma of these herbs may help calm him or her.

Lavender Quilts

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How about a lap throw quilt filled with organic lavender flowers, sprinkled in the batting (think of it as a Pootie Pad for People)?  For those who find the scent of lavender soothing and healing, these are heavenly.  Cost is  $175 plus shipping.

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